Our Purpose & Mission (from Section 1 of the ERS Constitution)

  • 1.1 MISSION -- To identify and rally support for federal legislation that will protect our retirement benefit plans including employer sponsored pensions, Medicare, and Social Security.  It is important that we protect the real income and security of retirees.  We shall actively oppose legislation that will do harm to the quality of retiree life.
  • 1.2 PURPOSE -- To provide a congenial atmosphere for discussions at our meetings and to foster unity through our newsletter and Web site.  To provide access to information and data of interest to our members.  To provide NRLN grass root network for members to contact Congress,  To contribute service to others whenever we can.
  • 1.3 AFFILIATION / ASSOCIATION -- The Society shall be self governed by the Steering Board (see C 4.0).  It may affiliate or associate with other organizations.  For good reason(s) the Society may elect to pay dues to any of these organizations to obtain membership therein.
  • 1.4 LEGAL ENTITY -- The Society shall be a nonprofit organization.  All funds, property and assets of whatever kind or description, wherever located, now owned or to be acquired by the Society, shall remain the sole and separate property of the Society and shall be held in trust for the general membership.